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A Life Coach is an objective partner who can help you stay focused. I am an experienced and successful Life Coach. Contact me and we will talk about what Life Coaching can do for you. Meetings are held over Skype or phone.

Put some Flow in your life.   Develop a strong vision of how you want your life to be. Move closer to that vision on a week to week basis. As your coach I can help you develop and maintain your vision. In our meetings, you talk about how you are progressing. I listen and sometimes I comment or ask a question. From these three things, starting with you talking about what's going on, your life starts to blossom.

People often come to me with specific problems. They may be too impulsive, or talk or eat too much or have a problem with drugs or alcohol or they may be living a life where they are making mistakes, the same ones, over and over again. Make new mistakes, not old ones. Supported by Life Coaching, their life will become more meaningful.

I offer you objectivity, confidentiality, honesty and reliability along with considerable common sense. Those who benefit from coaching often include those with ADD, or ADHD.

What I expect from you? If you want to work with me you must make a commitment to yourself. I only work with clients who are motivated to make changes. Are you determined to enhance and redirect your life?

Get serious! Figure out what you want, create a plan to get started and take action now to make it happen.

Contact me to ask about what Life Coaching can do for you, and we'll set up our first meeting. During this initial contact, which doesn't cost you anything, you can begin the process of organizing your goals and expectations for your future.
Take charge of your life, contact me today.
How does Life Coaching Work?
You engage me as your coach. We arrange to meet weekly over Skype. When we meet you tell me what's going on in your life that you like and what you don't like. We talk about what is not making you happy and devise ways to change this.

My expectations of you are high. I expect you to be looking after yourself by getting getting enough sleep, enough healthy food and good exercise. I expect you to be behaving in a suitable and appropriate manner exhibiting patience, decency and honesty and doing the right thing always. Since none of us are perfect all of these can be worked on.

As your Life Coach, I become a second person, in your corner. A second person to help keep you on track.

Since 2011, I have been providing well received and extremely confidential Life Coaching at reasonable rates. I see people who want to do better. Their desire to have a more effective life is the driving force behind their work with me. I am your Vancouver based Christian Life Coach and can meet you over Skype or phone at your convenience.

I say Christian as a way of telling you that while I can inspire you to do better, it is Jesus Christ working through you that will make the real changes in your life. Inviting Jesus into your heart is easy, as he is available. He has been available since his crucifiction 2000 years ago. He himself said, Behold, I stand at the door and knock: If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me. Rev: 3:20.

As you read this you may have doubts about being a Christian, or about the reality of Jesus Christ as the son of God. If you are objective and open minded, the Bible will quell these doubts for you. Prior to crucification, Jesus spent several years on earth doing miracles, most witnessed by many people.

Some of these witnesses still refused to believe Jesus is the son of God. These were not open minded people but what the Bible refers to as stiff necked. There are just as many stiff necked people on earth today. If you are one of them then and your mind is made up against Christ then there is likely not much you can do. If however you are more open minded, then keep reading.

Once a Christian, God will infuse you with the Holy Spirit and you will have more understanding. The reality of Jesus will become more clear to you.

Most clients meet me, on Skype, once a week for about an hour. Sometimes extra meetings are needed when you are experiencing higher stress.

For Companies who want an employee supported this can also be arranged.
For all clients, I expect you to want to improve on whatever you are doing. Otherwise what would be the point?. You bring the motivation and together we sort out the direction. I am your Life Coach.

My rates are good I believe that Life Coaching needs to be available to everyone. At my prices, most people can afford it if they want it.
How long does coaching go on for? That depends on how long you want to continue. Some people are done in a few months and others continue to benefit for much longer.

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