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Let's Survive Covid-19

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Flattening the Curve in Canada

This is something we have never come close to experiencing before. Three months ago, January 2020, we never imagined what was ahead. As Canadians our job is to flatten the curve. We know the curve is flattening when there are less new cases every day. We're not there yet.

If we don't spread the virus then it will die or at the least have no power over us.

Follow the points listed below and bring Covid-19 to a standstill. Let's flatten the curve, and get our world back to normal. Here are some steps to take to achieve this.

Covid-19 Face Mask

wearing a mask

Look at the image on the left.

If it is accurate, then we should all be wearing masks when shopping or around others. The mask protects others more than ourselves. So if two people are both wearing a mask, they are both protected. A basic mask is easy to make. Even a bandana tied behind your head and hooked over your nose would come close to what you want. Let's bring down the curve of Covid illness in Canada.

Remember that stress is cumulative.

Keep healthy by keeping your stress level down. If one problem or stressful situation pops up in your life it may not be too bad by itself. If, however, another issue of equal concern comes up before the first one is resolved, you now have more than twice as much stress to deal with. If a third issue hits you can easily get overwhelmed. Try to stay aware of your current stress level at any given time. Do a self check. Ask yourself how you are and listen for the answer.

Be non-judgemental and caring.

Remember that problems escalate under stress and Covid-19 is putting us all under more stress than we are used to. Emotions can be raw and close to the surface. Anger and depression can flare up. Let your friends vent emotions with you when necessary. When your own stress becomes too great, shift your focus onto someone else who has problems and help them solve their issues. Remind your self, it's not all about me.
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