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Behave Better
Gain More Respect
Have More Friends
Fit in better with Others

Respect from others is important. It adds to our self confidence.  

Are you reading this because you'd like to have more respect and friendship from others? ask yourself hard questions. Do any of these statements below even partially describe you?
  1. looking back over your life you see a pattern where you have repeated behaviors that have usually given you poor results
  2. you don't have many friends and often find the ones you have difficult to keep or you find yourself not liking your friends
  3. although it's difficult for you to admit, especially to yourself, a close examination of your life shows that you act impulsively far too often at times when it would have been better to have not said or done anything at all
  4. while you think of yourself as a person with respect and integrity you realize that this opinion is not shared by many others
  5. looking at your life objectively, with respect to your residence, your employment and your friends, you have had a tendency to move around a lot
  6. your thinking tends to be scattered. You start a project and don't finish it, you forget that you unsuccessfully tried a certain strategy before and you do it again and again, you are disorganized
In summary then, you don't have too many friends, you are impulsive, you lack respect, you are a misfit or an oddball, you move your residence around a lot and tend to change friends and jobs over time: you tend to repeat the same dysfunctional behaviors again and again. Finally it is very difficult for you to accept that this is an actual picture of who you really are. If I'm getting close to home for you then I suggest it's time to get busy and get your life in order. Whether you're 13 or 93 or somewhere in between, maybe it's time to get organized.

Life Coach Keith Brown, contact Keith, at Focused Planning