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Your Mission Statement
Gives You Strength

You are A work in progress
Know yourself
Enjoy who you are !

It also makes you smarter. A Value issue occurs in your life: Instead of having to think about it, your brain can be managing other related issues. It's a multi-tasker's dream come true.

A pre-formed life plan is a gift to you from your Mission Statement. It defines your values. If you are serious enough to have a Life Coach then a Mission Statement is a good thing to have. It may be formal and written out or just in your head, but clear to you.

A Mission Statement is a personal guide, mentor and coach. Imagine you are fifteen years old, you're out for the evening with two friends and one of them begins to snort some serious drugs, and says to you, "try this it's great." Without a plan for what you do and don't do, you may be unsure of how to respond. However, when your values are pre-defined you already know what is right and wrong for you.

It's still not easy because it puts pressure on you with your friends but it enables you to take a confident stand.

It's important to you to have personal values and know what they are. Think about them and review them often, mayabe even write them out. No big deal. One short page. For example: Are you honest? Are you reliable? Are you punctual to meetings and events? Are you caring about others? Are you consistent, effective and decent? Are you loyal?

What else do you care about? Add this in. Do you support homeless people? (or do you think only the wealthier people should get dinner? These are your values.

The Mission Statement won't make you perfect or enable you to get it right every time, but it will help. As mentioned, there is an element of multitasking involved because the Mission Statement frees up your brain for other activities.

What do you believe? Who do you trust? Are you prepared for whatever happens? Is your life complicated? When you are always prepared, your life will flow better and there will be fewer issues. Your beliefs define you. The self confidence you exude as a result of knowing what you believe will bring a respect from others that will surprise you.

A great Spinoff of a Mission Statement
One thing we all know for sure is that we will die some day. Whether an Obituary is written about us after we die or not, it's important to us that we have accomplished something in our life.

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