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What is Best

Best Books
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Best Businesses

We all have our opinions on what is best. Sometimes it's useful to know what other people like. It can save us time and lead us in new directions.
Best Businesses
Computer security and efficiency
In the last while my office laptop computer slowed down to a crawl. It's a few years old, but runs Windows 10 and I see no reason to replace it yet. Except it had slowed down to a ridiculously slow level. I had another program, C Cleaner, that is supposed to fix problems like this and I kept running it and got no results. I started up with bit-defender and ran the Quick Scan. I ran it over night and woke in the morning to what seemed like a brand new computer. Fast, what a huge difference, and another ongoing problem fixed at the same time. We paid $60 for the Total Security package covering 5 devices in the house. Strongly Recommend. Click here for a Very Capable Program at a good price.

Income tax preparation software- CRA
Studio tax is an excellent tax prep program, free to use for a personal return. It has many professional features including pain free pension sharing and net-filing. Ideal for singles or couples filing together. Strongly recommend, Donation suggested after use. www.studiotax.ca or click here

Car Mechanic
It can be difficult to find a really honest and competent car mechanic. John at Evergreen is one of them. John knows his cars, is smart, hardworking and capable. a rare find.
John is at #2, 2794 Aberdeen Ave, Coquitlam. 604-945-1003
website: click here for Best Mechanic

The Best of Focused Planning
stay tuned for highlights here
Best Movies and Shows
As with books or anything else, we all have different preferences. These are movies or shows I like.

An interview with God
Obviously a Christian movie. Contains romance, intrigue, decent acting and lots of thought provoking dialogue. Set in NYC Manhattan for some good background and general interest. The third or 4th floor walk-up apartment is typical of a lot of New York City.

Walt Longmire is the Sheriff of Absaroka county Wyoming. This Netflix show has run for several exciting seasons as Walt and 3 deputies maintain the peace in a semi western setting. Good entertainment.

If you like police detective shows you might enjoy this one. One season, 8 sessions. the first is background and a bit slow but it swings nicely into gear starting after that. I enjoyed it. I found detective Duvall believable and well played with an excellent supporting cast.
Best Sermons and Bible Study
  1. Coquitlam Presbyterian Church,

    Reverend Bernie Skelding "Careful What You Contemplate"
    Reverend Bernie is an excellent preacher. I highly recommend him.
  2. Steve Gregg, The Narrow Path.

    Steve takes the bible verse by verse and line by line and makes it easily understood. Like Charles Price, enjoyable to listen to. "The Bible, Verse by Verse"
  3. Brett McBride, The Peoples Church,

    A good sermon, easy to listen to. "The Jesus I Never Knew."
  4. Charles Stanley,

    "The two paths of life"
  5. Charles Price

    "Living with Anxiety"
    Charles is a recently retired Pastor from the Peoples Church in Toronto. An excellent preacher

More to come. Send in your favorites to me, today, and I will look them over.
Best Quotes

Michael Connelly, The Last Coyote. 1995 fiction novel, p58: "The past is what you make of it. You can use it to hurt yourself or others or you can use it to make yourself strong." Further on page 500, "The past is like a club and you can only hit yourself in the head with it so many times before there is serious and permanent damage."

Best Bible quotes CLICK here

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