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A Life Coach is an objective partner who can help you stay focused. I am an experienced and successful Life Coach. Contact me when you need me. Meetings are held over Skype or phone. Be like the freighter on the left, know where you are going.

The world is changing fast! What's going on and when will it get back to NORMAL? In a recent interview of Nomi Prins by Chris Hurt, Dr Prins says this all started in 1971 when then President Richard Nixon took United States off of the gold standard. Doing that enabled the government to print as much money as it wanted, which it has been doing since then. Over time this has notably increased the distance between the rich and the not so rich as made evident by extremely high prices for houses and cars, increasing numbers of people working for a low minimum wage, shortages of essential items and increasingly high prices for food and fuel. Dr Prins predicts that this inflation will continue to get worse but that we don't have to be concerned about a raising of interest rates because governments are carrying more debt than anyone else and won't let interest rates go up. According to the Bible, this is leading up to the return of Jesus to the earth. Lots of people ignore the Bible. They do this at their peril. It was written by man but was God breathed meaning that what it says it what God intended it to say. The first four books of the New Testament are referred to as the Gospels and they quote the words of Jesus Christ repeatedly. Jesus, who is God, says He will be back in person. In Matthew 24:44 He says He will be back at an hour you do not expect, but before that, nation will rise against nation and there will be famines and earthquakes. Rightnow we have people against people with the rich trampling on the poor so that they can be richer. As your life coach I can help you to prepare for His arrival.

As your Life Coach I offer you an opportunity

to organize and follow through on a plan to make your life more satisfying. By using your time and personal resources in better ways you can get more of what you want. You may come to me with specific problems or simply want to experience more satisfaction in life. If you're serious about problem solving and personal growth, I can also help you connect to God through prayer and bible reading: This can open new doors that will amaze you.

How does Life Coaching Work?

You engage me as your coach. We arrange to meet weekly over Skype. When we meet you tell me what's going on in your life that you like and what you don't like. We talk about what is not making you happy and devise ways to change this.

Since 2011, I have been providing well received and extremely confidential Life Coaching at reasonable rates. I see people who want to do better. Their desire to have a more effective life is the driving force behind their work with me. I am your Vancouver based Christian Life Coach and can meet you over Skype or phone at your convenience.

I say Christian as a way of telling you that while I can inspire you to do better, it is Jesus Christ working through you that will make the real changes in your life. Inviting Jesus into your heart is easy, as he is available. He has been available since his resurrection from death after crucifixion 2000 years ago. He himself said, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock: If any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me." Rev: 3:20.

What I expect from you?

If you want to work with me you must make a commitment to yourself. I only work with clients who are motivated to make changes. Are you determined to enhance your life? I expect you to be looking after yourself by getting enough sleep and enough healthy food and exercise. I expect you to be behaving or striving to behave in a suitable and appropriate manner, showing patience, decency and honesty and doing the right thing always. Since none of us are perfect we can all improve.

As your Life Coach, I become a second person, in your corner, to help you stay focused.

Clients meet me on Skype

once a week for about an hour. Sometimes extra meetings are needed to manage higher stress situations.

For Companies who want an employee supported

this can also be arranged.
For all clients, I expect you to want to improve on whatever you are doing. Otherwise what would be the point?. You bring the motivation and together we sort out the direction. I am your Life Coach.

My rates are good

I believe that Life Coaching needs to be available to everyone. At my prices, most people can afford it if they want it.

How long does coaching go on for?

That depends on how long you want to continue. Some people are done in a few months and others continue to benefit for much longer.

Get your needs met.

As people we like to impress others and be liked. In response to the question, How are you doing, we tend to say, just fine in a convincing way, regardless of what's really going on.
You might consider changing this when you are meeting with a life coach, counselor, spouse or good friend you can confide in. These are all different listeners but the same rule can apply: Your job is to get your needs met.

When your friend, spouse, coach or counselor says, How are you doing, consider being honest about disclosing something that is bothering you. If you're doing this with a friend, check them out slowly to see if this is really welcome. For example, you might say, I have a problem I'm hoping to talk about, are you up for that and is this a good time? Listen carefully to their response and then make your decision. If you're not sure, let it go for the moment and wait for them to follow up your question.

Talking about our issues can meet our needs in different ways: With a receptive listener it can sometimes help clarify the problem. Sometimes if we're lucky we can get useful feedback that will add new understanding to what is going on for us.

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